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Reading Material for March 13, 2018

  • GM may test a carsharing program this summer — GM already has a car rental service called Maven. With this change, individual owners will be able to loan their car to the Maven fleet on a month-by-month basis and get a cut of the rental revenue.
  • Political, Economic and Social Thought — In the early 80s, Prof. Charles Anderson at the University of Wisconsin-Madison broadcasted a year-long political philosophy class over the radio. These broadcasts have been collected into this podcast. I find the material engaging and fascinating and I learn new things from every lecture.
  • Effective Refactoring, Part 1: Asking the Right Questions — The most important question I would ask — and I’d ask it many, many times — is “Why?” Only if you can answer this well should you move forward with refactoring.
  • JEP 169: Value Objects — A long-lived JEP about introducing something like C#’s struct type to Java, as reducing GC pressure is almost always a good idea. I hope that this JEP is paired with revisiting Java’s generic support to be more efficient for value types, but this would require a major change to the JVM.
  • CSS calc() — I often forget that CSS provides a mixed-unit calculation function calc().
  • Site Reliability Guide for — A useful model for a site reliability guide. The trick is to maintain general awareness of its existence and to ensure people are incentivized to keep it up-to-date and relevant, as that’s the only way to make sure it will be used.
  • Secret management design decisions: theory plus an example — Some basic patterns on managing secrets. I’m not a huge fan of storing encrypted secrets in the source tree, even if the encryption key is managed elsewhere; I prefer the placeholder approach.
  • Investing Is Just One Piece of Your Financial Puzzle — Most people I’ve met need far more help with financial planning — budgeting, life insurance, using tax-advantaged savings vehicles, etc. — than they do on investment selection.
  • Building Windows: 4 million commits, 10 million work items — I used (and mostly enjoyed, but occasionally got frustrated with) a pull request queueing system at Microsoft back in 2000, and I still haven’t seen something like this elsewhere
  • Cloudflare is giving developers programmable access to the network edge with new service — Pushing compute to the edge is critical for extremely low latency applications. One alternative is to deploy your application into as many regions as you can. Another is to embrace a service like Cloudflare’s or Akamai’s edge compute.
  • Behind the Motion Photos Technology in Pixel 2 — Controlling both software and hardware side-by-side allows you to do some pretty amazing things.
  • Revisiting catch-all queries — The recommended approach only works with exact search type queries. For more general queries (e.g. find all objects where A > @A), dynamic SQL (probably generated by your application server, not your database) is the way to go.

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