Exploring the .NET CoreFX (2014-2015)

On November 12, Microsoft announced that it will be releasing the .NET core as open source. The .NET core includes the Core Foundational Libraries (CoreFX), the Common Language Runtime (CoreCLR), and many other tools and libraries. The source code is available at GitHub at https://github.com/dotnet.

I have cloned the source code of CoreFX and I am reading through them. This blog post series is about interesting or notable things I’ve learned.

  1. Annotate Pure Methods With PureAttribute
  2. Cache ThreadLocal Variables in Locals
  3. Making Methods Debugger-Friendly
  4. The Requires Convenience Class
  5. Keep Indexers Trivial to Allow JIT Optimization
  6. Use IEquatable for Higher Performance Equals()
  7. Reference Versus Structural Equality
  8. NullReferenceException Performance Tricks
  9. Immutable Collections and the Builder Pattern
  10. Performance Tuning Enumeration
  11. Code Contracts
  12. Aggressive Inlining
  13. ImmutableList is an AVL Tree
  14. Inside Immutable Collections
  15. Using Non-Generic Factory Classes to Enable Type Inference
  16. Platform-Specific Builds Using Compile-Time Polymorphism
  17. Videotaped API Review

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